Our brand

The mission of Petite Cuisine is to manufacture the best quality natural pet foods.

The ingredients for pet foods, including tuna, are sourced with concern for environment and in accordance with the Delfin Safe programme from Earth Island Institute. It dictates, that tuna is fished with sustainable fishery practices that minimize dolphin bycatch. We do not use any genetically modified products – foods are GMO free. The health of pets is always our paramount concern and is reflected in our choice of ingredients and processing methods. By the words of Petite Cuisine founders: “Success is measured not by sales but by the letters and calls we get from happy and satisfied pet owners. We are pleased to hear that pet owners associate the wellness of their pets with the use of our products”.


Dolphin Safe sustainable fishery

Petite Cuisine is registered with the Earth Island Institute (EII) www.earthisland.org in the /Dolphin Safe/ Dolphin Friendly programme whose participants declare to minimize the number of dolphin deaths caught as bycatch during tuna fishing. For the production of canned products we choose skipjack tuna (which can replenish fast due to its fecundity and rapid growth) that are caught using sustainable and safe fishery practices. Other fish, shrimps and crabs used in the manufacture process of pet food come from those areas of the world that are not identified as being over fished in case of any of the species we utilize in our products.