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Petite Cuisine is wet canned food for cats of all ages, 100% complete and natural, with tuna fillet with an addition of fish or with chicken meat from safe farms – without antibiotics, hormones or GMO. Petite Cuisine does not contain any preservatives, coloring or aromas. It is one of the few wet cat foods in the European markets which meet the requirements of the Association of American Feed Control Officials.


Petite Cuisine may be served also to cats with sensitive digestive tract and cats with diabetes, as it is low in carbohydrates and rich in protein, which is recommended by vets for that illness.


The benefits of Petite Cuisine wet cat food:

  • A wide choice of flavors provides the cat with variety so that it does not get bored, as well as a wide range of wholesome nutritional ingredients
  • Natural ingredients whose quality meets nutritional norms applicable to food for humans
  • Rich in highly absorbable protein, with low fat content in accordance with cats’ needs (65% of the caloric value comes from protein and only 35% from fats)
  • Light and highly accepted by cats
  • Sea ingredients such as tuna and all fish, including red snapper and crustaceans, come from natural catches in clean sea basins, conducted in accordance with the principle of sustainable fishing and dolphin protection, from fishing areas which are not identified as overfished
  • Chicken meat comes from safe farms – without GMO, antibiotics and hormones
  • Steamed and pasteurized only in their own broth, which helps to preserve all important nutritional substances and the natural taste
  • It contains balanced sets of vitamins, minerals and trace elements necessary for proper cat nutrition
  • It contains natural taurine which is especially important for the proper functioning of eyes and heart


Petite Cuisine is free from:

IT CONTAINS NO: wheat gluten, grains, artificial additions, aromas, colorings, preservatives, supplements.

WE DO NOT USE in production: by-products of meat and its derivatives, protein substitutes such as soy or bone meal.

WE DO NOT USE genetically modified products, which is confirmed by certificates available at



A healthy cat of an average weight – 2 or 3 cans, depending on its age and activity.

The ingredients meet the AAFCO norms for cat nutrition. An open can should be stored in a fridge. The product is for cats only.