About us

Our mission is to support pet owners in their effort to provide their pets a long, healthy and comfortable life.


We feel partially responsible for the quality of pets’ life, therefore we offer the best quality natural pet foods and accessories to assure their healthy longevity. We believe that industry should be responsible not only for the social and economic, but also environmental aspect. Therefore we cooperate with manufacturers that respect the issue of natural resource management, we choose solutions that are energy-efficient and environment-friendly.

For example, our wet cat food manufacturer is registered as „Delfin Safe” with Earth Island Institute. The dry cat food manufacturer is one of the few companies in Europe with a BRC certificate (British Retail Consortium). That indicates the compliance with the highest-quality standards concerning products and production process that apply for human food.

We build our distribution network based on trust and the policy of transparent pricing. We believe, that cooperation based on trust and credibility help build firm and stable foundations for business.

We promote healthy lifestyle and the influence of food on our pets’ health, as they are our close friends. It is important to us that our pet foods meet the nutrition standards defined by international nutrition institutes.




W have participated in a training-advisory project Strong Brand – Green Brand”. In recognition of efforts made in order to implement pro-ecological solutions our company has been granted license to label its products with WE THINK GREEN trademark.